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Rickard’s Story

At Rickard’s, we believe that to succeed sometimes you have to stick your neck out.
Do something daring. And in 1984 Rickard’s did just that with the introduction of Rickard’s Red. Created at a time when North Americans were almost exclusively drinking lagers, this colourful and full-flavoured ale was a big step away from the ordinary. This was a stand out beer in a typically safe market. And people loved it.

And so in the years since, Rickard’s has stuck to this core belief of not blending in. A belief in taking chances and going against the norm.
A belief in finding fresh and unique ingredients to craft new flavourful beers. A belief that brewmasters should have the freedom to experiment and discover what works. And what doesn’t. A belief that the journey of discovery is what leads to an uncompromising, unmistakable, and truly remarkable pint full of flavour.

So from everyone at Rickard’s, we sincerely hope you enjoy.

Authethic Pub Quality