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The Radler Tale


In a world of lagers and ales, Radler represents something a little different. And here at Rickard’s we’re all about doing things differently. We brew our Radler with a refreshing combination of grapefruit juice and beer. We figure you won’t know if something is great until you try it. And when we tried our hand at a Radler we knew we had something special. Better yet, it turns out this great country agrees. That’s because we brew Rickard’s Radler with a mix of classic lager and refreshing grapefruit juice, giving it a bright, light character with an underlying zest and crisp finish that is sure to quench even the keenest of thirsts.


Now, grapefruit and beer isn’t a completely new idea. Heck, Radlers have been around since the 1920’s when a Bavarian barkeep mixed citrus juice with his brew to quench the thirst of his cyclist regulars on a hot summer’s day (hence Radler’s direct translation to “cyclists” in German). So even though Radler has been around for awhile, we’re proud to serve our twist on this summertime classic on our side of the pond.

Rickard’s Radler is brewed year round and is available at the LCBO. Buy It Here

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Food Pairing

From salads to barbecue, Radler's light,
grapefruit taste makes it the ultimate summer beverage.

Radler Recipes


Make the most of good weather and raise
a Rickard's Radler to the sun this summer.


Summertime Citrus

Radler Food Pairings

Crisp, light, and fruity — the perfect thirst-quenching refreshment for hot days and hot barbecues.

  • cheese plate

    Light Cheese

    Radler’s light body and citrus zest perfectly complements the flavours of soft, subtle cheeses.

  • plate with grilled seafood

    Grilled Seafood

    Light, refreshing, and slightly sweet. It’s no surprise that Radler and grilled seafood are better together.

  • eggs benedict brunch plate


    Radler’s light, sparkling, and refreshing character makes it the perfect brunch beverage. An alternative to a mimosa or glass of orange juice, the slight sweetness balances the saltiness of eggs benedict and other brunch classics.